Monday, February 10, 2020

Ethics in Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ethics in Marketing - Essay Example There are four fundamental issues that should be taken into consideration when making decisions that affects the society. These issues include; individuals, economy, business as well as the society. However, owing to the high rate of decreasing cigarette consumption most industries especially, cigarette producing companies have take unethical measures and decisions making processes that do not take into consideration the four fundamental issues. The article indicates that, cigarette producing countries have stepped up their modus operandi and have managed to modify the decisions made by governments and journalists to create awareness among the public on the negative effects of smoking. These companies have gone to an extent of bribing journalists in most African nations to avoid publishing information that may reduce the rate of cigarette consumption in Africa. Ethical and Social Responsibility of Cigarette Advertisement in Third World Countries Most cigarette manufacturing companies such as British American Tobacco, with large shares in the Third World Countries have taken improved measures to promote effective marketing of their cigarette products. The advertisements have taken a direction whereby; health issues ascribed to smoking have been neglected as the companies are striving to make the public informed of the benefits of smoking. The use of elegant persons, properly dressed men and women to advertize cigarette have shifted the minds of most people especially in the developing nations from the consequences associated with smoking. This form of marketing some of the fundamental issues indicated in the Decision Tree Model; specifically, such advertisements focus majorly on profits made by the companies while neglecting the society as well as individuals. Ethical and Social Responsibilities of the Focus on Developing Markets Owing to the increasing rates at which governments and other institutions formulate and implement strict rules and regulations, most o f cigarette producing companies have shifted their focus of markets where such laws are limited or less active. Cigarette producers like PMI have shifted their focus on third world countries where such laws may be manipulated through corruption. Moreover, such companies have also developed more advanced technologies geared towards improving the quality of their products for instance; addition of sweet smelling products on the cigarette in order to convince the public and the government that such products are not harmful to human health. This strategy focuses on the benefits of the company while ignoring the social and the individual negative effects that may occur from smoking. Ethical Issues of Anti-smoking Campaign Cigarette producing industries have taken prerogatives to ensure that

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